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College Campus Marketing

Marketing that product that you feel will be of some interest to college students is not as easy as you may think, especially if you do not know the college market. If you want to promote that product to the college market, than partner with Barnes & Noble (B&N). They have been running book stores on college campuses for over forty years. They have ten thousand student employees working in more than three hundred campus book stores that serve about four million students.

To promote the success of your product, B&N student employees will build a relationship with top college decision makers on your behalf. As a B&N partner you will have access to all of the campus events online, in the stores, in cafes and all of the places that student congregate. As a B&N partner your product will go where the students go because your business will be in detail, around the interests of the college student.

What interests is your product best suited for; is it in being promoted around the campus; for experiential or event marketing; or perhaps for email and online marketing? Whichever marketing interest you choose, as a partner B&N can help market your product.

What individual or event program is your product suited for. Does it help with the orientation of a new student to the college surroundings; can if be used during the spring and fall semesters; or is it a product that would be most useful to the graduating student’s future? If you know where your product can be best marketed than B&N will market it in accordance but, if you do not know where it is most appropriate let B&N find a niche for your product.

Unless you are thoroughly familiar with the college market you will have no idea how your product would fit into the average college student’s needs and wants. The college student you may have at home is less than a portion of the college students out there and would not be a best assessor of what the college student wants. B&N works with student employees daily and is more than just aware of the entire college experience. B&N has the attention of the decision makers of the various colleges as well as being aware of the needs and desires of the average student. Such a combination makes it easier for your product to perform on target.

B&N has the technology with which to track your product and its results in the college market. Therefore, with marketing guidance from B&N your product will be well integrated and will result in a successful run in the college market.

In order for your product to be successful and to have its needs specifically met, B&N knows that flexibility is important. When you partner with B&N you can rest assured that your product is in good hands and that B&N will follow each detail thoroughly. B&N programs are not only implemented by their student employees they are efficiently run by their student employees. If you become a B&N partner today you will place your product in every college campus in which it would be most effective.

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